Neal Beidleman’s call from Camp 2

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5 Responses to Neal Beidleman’s call from Camp 2

  1. Glenn Sliva says:

    Incredible. Have a safe descent and return to normal altitudes. I can’t believe I’m sitting in Colorado listening to a summit report from 29K feet. Congrats Neil and Chris from Meredith Colorado where if I walk out it’s snowing like crazy in late May and ride for the pass gets canceled due to snow. Thanks for the blog and reports. Here’s to a safe return and lets here the stories. Glenn

  2. Paul Newhagen says:

    Congratulations, Neal and the other climbers and whole rest of the team. Glad that you are all most of the way back down and safe so far. Wonderful being able to participate in some tiny way, seeing your pictures and actually hearing your voices. Again, Congratulations!

  3. Jared Thompson says:

    Absolutely Fantastic. Congratulations on a safe and successful summit Neal and team. Have a safe trip home. Cheers!

  4. Neal;

    From your space-guy friend in Boulder. So good to hear your voice from the other side of the world (and several miles up), and Congratulations. You made it sound though it was easy.

    Woo Hoo!


  5. Larry Goodman says:

    Neal, I’m really happy for you and your team. You should be proud. Take care and have a safe trip home, Larry Goodman

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