Back in Kathmandu

Bill Allen, Kathmandu   May 24th

What a whirlwind…  It’s only been a couple of days since we stood on top of Mt Everest, and here we are back in Kathmandu at the luxury of the Hyatt Hotel.   Yesterday Ephi, Chris, Neal, and I flew here via helicopter directly from base camp.   The rest of the team, Gregg, Newall, Irek (and family) and Scott are on their way here right now.    It’s almost too fast to absorb the change, but we’re managing to enjoy it.

It was an amazing trip, and it’s hard to believe it is over.  Just a few days ago Everest dominated our world, and thoughts and it’s a little hard to let it go.  We’ve said our goodbyes to our amazing team of Sherpa, and the climbers are about to start heading home.   Each of our team members did an incredible job up there, climbing the mountain in good style and making great friends along the way.   We’ve been together for 2 months now, through some stressful circumstances, and come out friends.   That is a testament to the individuals and the team as much as the success on the mountain.  We’ll all remain friends for a long time I’m sure, and may even get together for Irek’s 50th birthday in Poland in just a few months.

Neal, once again, took many fantastic pictures on our summit push and really captured the place and feeling better than any pictures I’ve seen of the top of Everest (maybe it helps that I was there that day).    I would love to post hundreds of his pics, but I’m trying to limit myself.   Thanks so much to Neal for sharing these images with us.

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4 Responses to Back in Kathmandu

  1. Jo-Anne O'Hare says:

    As a long-time Aspen visitor, I was thrilled to read about your successful expedition. The summit photo is drop-dead glorious, and I’m looking forward to seeing more photos and reading more about your trek.

    I actually stayed at Everest Base Camp North a couple of years ago and was fortunate enough to see and photograph the full mountain (which had been hidden by clouds for over 6 weeks). While that was exciting, I was stunned at the canopy of cascading stars that evening. Just felt like I could touch them; unfortunately, I was unable to capture the moment on film.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with so many strangers. Each of you must feel so blessed!

  2. Anda says:

    Look at all these smiling faces!! Congrats again – thanks for great photos Neal!!

  3. Cindy Abbott says:

    Congrats! Great to hear everyone is safe and those are some amazing pictures!

  4. Bryant Dunn says:


    Great meeting you today in LAX. I’m very happy to hear that your Everest expedition was successful and safe. Would love to talk more about mutual clientele and the possibility of expanding opportunities both in Nepal, Bhutan and beyond. Whether it be flyfishing, trekking or skiing. Talk soon! Bryant Dunn –

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