2011 Everest Expedition Wrap Up

Well I suppose it is time to wrap up the dispatches from our amazingly successful 2011 Everest Expedition.

First of all I’d like to thank all of the family and friends of the climbers this year who supported each of them on this long journey.  I’d also like to thank our team of Sherpa who, once again, were our friends and provided the horsepower to make this expedition possible.  Finally, thanks to the climbers who joined us on Everest this year.   We had a great group of people, every one worked hard and succeeded together on a huge undertaking.

Here, one more time, is a list of the climbers who joined the Mountain Trip Everest Expedition for 2011.  We all reached the summit in the morning of May 20th, 2011.

Scott Woolums.   Himalaya Program Director for Mountain Trip.   Hood River, OR
Bill Allen.   co-Owner/Guide Mountain Trip.   Ophir, CO
Ephi Gildor.  Aspen, CO
Chris Davenport.  Aspen, CO
Neal Beidleman.  Aspen, CO
Gregg Mellon.  Sarnia, Ontario Canada
Newall Hunter.  Scotland
Irek Szpot.   Poland

I’d like to share a bunch of photos of the trip, and will load them up in 3 different slide shows.
1.  The trek in to base camp, base camp, the “Puja”, and getting ready to head up the mountain.   We were joined on the trek to base camp by some friends of the climbers, they spent a couple of days with us at base camp before returning to Kathmandu.

2. Will be the first 2 trips up to Camp 2 to acclimate and prepare for our summit attempt.

3.  This will be the summit push, and summit day.

Here is the 1st show…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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About Mountain Trip

Mountain Trip is the premier source for experienced guides and the highest quality expeditions the Seven Summits, specializing in Denali, Everest, Mount Vinson, Aconcagua and Carstensz Pyramid climbs. Our Denali guides are the most experienced on the mountain. We are the industry leader in providing attentive, personalized service to climbers seeking the best possible experience on the mountain of their dreams. We absolutely love what we do and it shows!
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One Response to 2011 Everest Expedition Wrap Up

  1. Larry B says:

    This is a great post I’m anxiously awaiting the second and third show.

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